Jest 10 poziomów potworów.



Defending troops
Rewards AP Cost Fame/
Gold/AP Description
Fame Gold Resources Exp
1★20001100 1~5 Ore/Lumber40~6070.140.2915~17.86 Although the monsters don’t harm people much, their amount is abundant, go destroy them to train your hero.
2★4000 - 500031505~10 Ore/Lumber140~16090.330.6719.44~22.22 Although they are harder than 1 star monsters I think you can defeat them easily.
3★14,500 - 16,500930010~15 Ore/Lumber400~470120.751.5029.17~31.25 The monster is fairly strong, they might have better long range equipment, you better be careful.
4★45,000 - 50,0002350015~20 Ore/Lumber1400~1600151.533.0738.33~40 These will almost definately have range equipment so better have either some range or enough melee to kill them first.
5★150,000 - 160,0006980040 Ore/Lumber or
20 Crystal/Sulfur
4050~4200174.068.1258.82 Pretty strong, best to have alot of t6 units in this battle as it has t7s in good numbers.
6★350,000 - 400,000152100050 Ore/Lumber or
25 Crystal/Sulfur
9800~10300207.6015.2062.5 Mostly range but can consist of t9s as well as t8s, will have alot of t8s.
7★740,000 - 760,000286~300150060 Ore/Lumber or
30 Crystal/Sulfur
20000~210002312.725.478.26 Mostly t9, possibly a decent amount of t10s so becareful.
8★1,220,000 - 1,250,000430~445200080 Ore/Lumber or
40 Crystal/Sulfur
34000~350002616.833.692.31 Must have either a lot of range or enough t10 to win these will certainly have t9 or t10 units.
9★2,251,000~2,334,000770~785200080 Ore/Lumber or
40 Crystal/Sulfur
~750002629.959.892.31 ~731 t8 (2 to 4 stacks) and

~157 t11 or ~111 t12 (2 to 3 stacks)

10★2,520,000 ~ 3,010,000880~955200080 Ore/Lumber or
40 Crystal/Sulfur
82000~970002635.370.692.31 ~940 t8 (2 to 4 stacks) and

~203 t11 or ~144 t12 (2 to 3 stacks)

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